Friday Funny

In honor of all those like me who have had the week from hell.  LITERALLY.

FF Liver


Enjoy the ride.

How bad was your week?  Will your weekend involve copious amounts of booze-induced shenanigans?  I’m happy to report I am going to TRY and run again for the first time post knee surgery #2, so I figure that will help offset the shenanigans.  Or not.  Happy Friday everyone!!!!

Wonder Mutt Wednesday

WMW pinecones


Enjoy the ride.

Do you have one of those mutts who has, let’d call it, “discriminating” taste?  Which you sometimes don’t know about until you’re on poop patrol and utter “what the hell is THAT?!” under your breath?  What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever come across when on daily doody duty?