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Even Santa suffers from periodic vehicular issues…..

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Enjoy the ride.

Have you completed your gift shopping or will you be cursing your way through the nearest mall this weekend?  Might I suggest a nice bottle of Cabernet prior to joining the bargain-bound masses?  You just may be surprised how much nicer your shopping experience can be!  Happy weekend everyone!


And don’t forget!  Today’s the last day to get your entries in for the Black Dog Runs Disney Christmaspalooza contest!  Wonder Mutt is warming up her licker already!  Email your entry to b; today!

Food for Thought

Sometimes you come across a blog post that just sticks with you.  When I find one of these, I typically star them in my email knowing I will want to revisit the post and possibly use it as fuel for a future post of my own.

One of my favorite bloggers is Sarah over at Running on Healthy.  As a former competitive ice skater turned running/fitness coach and personal trainer, she has a unique perspective on all things athletic, especially related to running.  As I often get behind in my blog emails, I have to clean house every so often and just delete the posts I know won’t really interest me – usually product reviews, kid-related stuff, and recipes.  You know – because that would cause me to spend more than 15 minutes in a certain room in my house that I really don’t have much affection for.  It’s all yours Lisa.


But it’s a very rare occurrence for me to delete any of Sarah’s posts.  They may stack up for weeks, but when I finally get around to reading them, I’m glad I didn’t hit the delete button.  One of these posts, Sometimes It Comes Around, was one of those posts.  I find it kind of ironic timing that I went back to this particular gem at this particular time of the year.  You know, when peace and good will toward men is at the forefront of everybody’s brain? Or so I hope.  Because sometimes, it seems not so much.


Remember when the movie Pay It Forward came out, and everybody seemed to jump on the bandwagon?  Why did it take a movie to make people start thinking about being nice to someone else – for no other reason that just to BE nice?  Granted, we’re all human and we all have really crappy days.  (You can just ask any of my accountabilibuddies about that one.  We all had a pretty tough one last week.)  But crappy days aside, is it really that hard to just be nice?

I love you Momma Bear.

I love you Momma Bear.

I’ve read so many blogs this year about people doing the most amazing, NICE things for complete strangers.  One blogger – and I apologize that I don’t remember who, other than a fellow Disney Dork – decided that for her 30th birthday, she was going to do 30 random acts of kindness at Disney.  Extra tips for cast members, drinks purchased for the next person in line, thank you cards for housekeepers, the list went on and on.  Can you just imagine if everyone did that for their birthday?  I think maybe, just maybe, the world would be a more beautiful place.

beach sunrise

I know that probably sounds completely unrealistic and maybe it is.  But when you see something happen, like Sarah did in her post, it makes you have just a little more faith in human kind.  Remember Moon, the Pit Bull whose owner’s ex buttheaded boyfriend poured boiling water on?  So many people called the animal hospital with donations, they had to actually ask people to stop calling as they had already raised more than was needed. (Thankfully, Moon was able to go home after about a week.)

moon the pitbull

What did I do wrong?

It’s actions like this that prove people are generally good at heart.  And no where is that more evident than among the running community.  As many nasty runners may be out there, there’s twice as many great ones.  The ones who tell you that you can make it to the finish line, the ones who stop to help pick you up when you fall, the ones who let you use the port-a-potty first, and the ones who wait until that last runner has crossed the finish line before they leave, just so they can cheer them to the finish.  Small things to be sure, but to that struggling, hurt, or exhausted runner, they mean the world.

Div III State Track

I got you.

So as you head out on your daily trek to work, Christmas shopping, the gym, or anyplace where you may find people, take a moment and see if you can help someone out.  That elderly lady with the walker may just appreciate the fact you held the door open for her, or the mom with the screaming baby will be eternally grateful that you helped carry her bags to her car.  It’s the small simple things that don’t cost you a penny, yet mean so much.  And you never know.  One of these days, all those kind deeds may just come back around to you.

Enjoy the ride.

Have you ever been the recipient of a random act of kindness?  Have you ever done something nice for a total stranger?

A New Kind of Christmas Tradition?

I think it’s official.  I don’t really want to admit it, but, well….I’m going to.  I’m over Christmas.  Not the warm, fuzzy feel of it, but the commercialized, gimmegimmegimme of it all.  The best thing about Christmas for this Black Dog is I get an extra day off with the hubby and the Wonder Mutt.

Who needs Christmas when you've got yourtown personal swimming hole?!

Who needs Christmas when you’ve got your own personal swimming hole?!

Let’s face it.  Christmas is never really the same as it was when you were a rug rat.  The excitement would build up for weeks as you waited to see what Santa would bring you.  The tree would glow softly, Mom would lock us out of her room while she wrapped presents, cookie baking would be in full force, and you hoped Mother Nature would cooperate and send you snow that you could go sledding on after opening presents.  Or in our case, jump on a toboggan that would lead us to almost certain death on many occasions.  ALMOST.

Exhibit A.

Exhibit A.

That’s not to say I don’t enjoy the holiday season.  I love the lights, the decorations, the lights, the music, the lights, the smell of fresh-cut pine trees, and the lights.  (Are you getting the idea here?)  At heart, I swear I have some distant genetic Osborne link in me somewhere.

I miss the old display, don't you?

I miss the old display, don’t you?

It’s inevitable that we grow up – at least physically – and old traditions fall by the wayside.  Getting the family together becomes harder as relatives move away.  Time has to be split between families, work demands interfere with taking time off, and you start to realize just how crazy greedy people have become.  Shopping on Thanksgiving Day?  Really?  We’ve become so consumed with finding the perfect gift, and finding it fast, that we spend an extra couple of days off fighting crazy shoppers who think nothing of stampeding over you to get the latest and greatest.

black friday

I think that perhaps, along the way, we’ve lost sight of what’s REALLY important.  We chose not to put up a tree this year.  We just didn’t feel like dealing with pine needles, the expense, or the inevitable aggravation because the lights once again have managed to come out of the box in a big, tangled mess, even though we KNOW they didn’t go in that way.  We still decorated the house, and the hubby put the lights up outside.  We’re not hosting any parties or having anyone over.  It will just be the blessed peacefulness of us and the Wonder Mutt.  And the menagerie of assorted water fowl we seem to be collecting in our lake.  And I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Ducks, meet world.  World, ducks.

Ducks, meet world. World, ducks.

I do miss the fun of stress-free shopping.  I always loved when I’d happen across the perfect gift for someone.  Seeing the joy on a loved one’s face when they opened it made every penny well spent.  Over time though, my patience with shopping – and people – has grown quite thin.  With the advent of online shopping, the only shopping I do now is for wrapping paper.  And now the only gifts I really even buy anymore fall into the, “I don’t want them to think I’m not thinking about them at Christmas so here’s an awesome wine basket I would have bought for myself” kind of category.  Am I sounding a bit like a Bah Humbugger?  I’m really not.  I just honestly feel sometimes like the human race has its priorities kind of skewed.  I once suggested that we spend a Christmas doing some kind of volunteer thing, instead of giving gifts.  You can imagine the look I got from the younger crowd.  And THAT is truly sad.


So this is my challenge to you, dear readers.  Take a break from all the craziness, greed, and chaos of the holidays.  Take a moment and think of those who can’t be home to celebrate Christmas. Or those who are too poor, have no place to call home, or feel as though they have no one who cares about them.  A little bit of kindness to these people will go a long, long way.  And you just may be surprised what you get in return….along with a new tradition


Enjoy the ride.

What traditions do you have?  Have you ever forgone giving gifts and spent the day volunteering at something?  How would your family feel if gift-giving wasn’t part of the day?


So Whatcha Wanna Know? Part 2!

Since Miz Pam from We Run Disney tagged me a second time on these, I thought it might be fun to go for Round Two.  I’ll only hit up the questions which I could actually think up answers for again.  Because really, the additional names people have called me, well, you really don’t know.  Let’s just say “traffic ticket” wasn’t exactly on their Christmas lists….

So as promised, here it is!  Because you just couldn’t get enough the first time around….

mustache questions


Four movies I’ve watched more than once:

1.  Love Actually

2.  The Wizard of Oz – I can SO relate to the Scarecrow…#heavysigh

3.  Gone With the Wind – I don’t give a damn either Rhett

4.  Godspell – have to love musicals you danced in way back in high school days

Day by daaaaaaaaayyyyyyy.

Day by daaaaaaaaayyyyyyy.

Four books I’d recommend:

1.  The MacGregor Series by Nora Roberts – I freely admit I love a good trashy romance novel

2.  Angels and Demons  – Dan Brown

3,  The Stand – Stephen King

4.  Black Hawk Down – Mark Bowden


Four places I’ve been:

1.  Mexico

2.  Turks and Caicos

3.  Bahamas

4.  New Orleans – okay maybe not so far away, but a place where legends are made.  Or drunk under the table depending on which end of Bourbon Street you start on.

Whoo hoo!

Whoo hoo!

Four things I don’t eat:

1.  Sauerkraut

2.  Lobster

3.  Peaches

4.  Crab



Four of my favorite foods:

1.  Pizza

2.  Mahi mahi

3.  New England Clam Chowder

4.  Guacamole



Four TV shows I watch:

1.  Deadliest Catch

2.  Sons of Anarchy – how YOU doin’ Charlie Humanahumana?

3.  Ray Donovan

4.  The Following

The Following

Four things I’m looking forward to this year:

1.  Returning to California for a quickie trip through wine country

2.  Actually mastering that damn forward bend in yoga class – can you say tightest hamstrings in creation much?

3.  No longer having to take midnight phone calls for work – bye-bye on call duties!

4.  Lobsterfest in Key West – there really are a lot other things to eat.  And drink.  A LOT.

Whoo hoo!

Whoo hoo!

Four things I’m always saying:

1.  I’m confused.

2.  Did you feed the dog?

3.  Puppies should never go to bed without belly rubs.

4.  You’re trying to kill me.  (Also typically uttered when our favorite bartender at our favorite Mexican restaurant feeds me one of her margaritas :)


Lethal weapon.

And since I feel the need to pass this on again…Tag!  You’re it!

1.  Stephanie at Goober Monkey

2.  Jenn and Moon at The Fairest Run of All

3.  Frank at A Fat Runner

4.  Marsden at Running Lonely


Don’t forget about Christmaspalooza!  Get your favorite things in by this!




Enjoy the ride.


Aren’t you glad I told you even MORE boring stuff about me?  Is your life complete now?  Has anyone ever made you a lethal cocktail and you lived to tell about it?

Friday Funny

In keeping with the season and in honor of my fellow Sagittarian Linzie’s birthday this week (YAY!!!), here’s a little humor……Grumpy Cat style!

FF Grumpy Cat Christmas


Enjoy the ride.

Who doesn’t love a little Grumpy Cat?  Especially during this season of peace and joy.  Okay, maybe not so much.  Happy weekend everyone!

So Whatcha Wanna Know?

Imagine my surprise when I got tagged by rock star Danielle with the latest internet craze of Mustache You questions.

Who?  Me??

Who? Me??

So now that I’ve scraped my tongue up off the floor, here goes!

mustache questions


Four names that people call me, other than my real name:

1.  Kim (duh!)

2.  Dozer – thanks to the hubby who says I just bull doze my way to get what I want.  Like there’s something wrong with that.

3.  Concrete Head – again, thanks to the hubby.  Pretty self-explanatory I think.

4.  KJ – my nickname in a previous job


Four jobs I have had:

1.  crash investigator

2.  records clerk

3.  receptionist at a veterinary clinic – best.job.ever

4.  DJ at a roller skating rink.  Remember those?


Four movies I’ve watched more than once:

1.  Dirty Dancing

2.  Casablanca – they just don’t make’em like that any more, do they girls?

3.  Zero Dark Thirty

4.  Just about every Disney movie in existence


Four books I’d recommend:

1.  The Sisters Trilogy by Nora Roberts

2.  The Manhattan Series by John Mackie

3.  Maya’s First Rose by Martin Scot Kosins – have the tissues ready

4.  Amazing Gracie by Dan Dye and Mark Beckloff – another tear jerker


Four places I have lived:

There’s only been two:

1.  Connecticut

2.  Florida


Four places I have been:

1.  Italy

2.  Jamaica

3.  California

4.  Dominican Republic


Four things I don’t eat:

1.  Meat (another duh!)

2.  Tomatoes

3.  Onions

4.  Peppers


Four of my favorite foods:

1.  Do I need to say it?  Moose Tracks ice cream!

2.  Pasta.  Any shape, any size, any where, any time

3.  Shrimp

4.  Macaroni and cheese


Four TV shows that I watch:

1.  Criminal Minds – how YOU doin’ Shemar Moore?

2.  Game of Thrones

3.  The Walking Dead

4.  Homeland


Four things I am looking forward to this year:

1.  Hanging with my girls Kellie, Nicole, and Lisa during Princess Weekend

2.  Traveling back to our nation’s capital with the hubby

3.  Fixing my damn knees once and for all

4.  Running the Wine and Dine Half with my girls above and Rae!


Four things I’m always saying:

1.  It’s awright!

2.  Who’s the bestest puppy in the whole world?!

3.  Sure I’ll have another margarita!

4.  I hate my job.


Four people I’m tagging:

Since Danielle already tagged most of my accountabilibuddies, let’s go with some of my other faves:

1.  Kathryn at From Dancing To Running

2.  Krissy at Shiawase Life

3.  Lacey and Meranda at Fairytales and Fitness

4.  And of course, the lovely Princess Lisa and Princess Lindsey at Prairie Princess Runners




And lucky YOUSE GUYS, (get the Disney reference there?), since I was also dinged by awesome-sauce Pam over at We Run Disney, there will be a……wait for it….So Whatcha Wanna Know PART TWO!  I know, I know!  Can ya BELIEVE IT???


Enjoy the ride.

Any surprises?  Betcha didn’t know I knew how to rock the mic, did ya?