Wonder Mutt Wednesday

WMW first kiss

Enjoy the ride.

Ahh yes, the first kiss.  That horribly awkward moment, when you worry if you have fresh breath or if it stinks of garlic peanut butter biscuits.  Was that your main worry or was it more if you were mouthing too much muzzle?  Should I wag my tail or try to keep it under control?  Does she really like me or is it just the shape of my whiskers?

Friday Funny

As many of you get ready to head back to dreaded classes, just remember this….

FF college humor

Enjoy the ride.

Who’s looking forward to returning to the school grind?  Are you ready for summer to be over or will you be throwing yourself on the ground in a fit of rage and tears?  As a member of America’s work force, let me just say, take it for all it’s worth.  Being a grownup really sucks….

Now I Understand

For those of you who may not know, I’m a bit techno-challenged.  And at this particular moment, after having spent an hour putting together today’s blog – ONLY TO HAVE IT SUCKED INTO THE EVIL VORTEX OF WORDPRESS NOTHINGNESS – I’m going to maintain what little control I still possess and leave you with this.  Plus, if I’m allowed to maintain possession of my laptop for one minute longer, it shall end up in a million little pieces as I attempt to embed it in my living room wall.  And then I would only be terrified Wonder Mutt might end up with busted up pieces of this source of all Black Dog aggravation in her precious little paws.  So for now….Peace out peeps!


Even Grumpy Cat understands.


Enjoy the ride.

Ever been there?  You know.  Spend all night on a piece of literary geniusness, only to have it blown into blogworld oblivion?  Did you end up with a rather interesting piece of modern impressionistic artwork or just a big, fat mess?