When Life Gets Crazy

Yup.  It was just one of those nights when, before I knew it, it was time to hit the hay.  And in a major #bloggerfail, I had no posts done.  So with a quick little bang of the keyboard, here’s a rundown as to why my life sometimes seems to get in the way of fun stuff.  Like blogging.  And sleeping.  And eating Moose Tracks.  Oh wait, I’m in a temporary holding pattern on junk food.  Girlfriend’s getting too much junk her trunk again…(heavy sigh)…

So my afternoon started with a visit to Janet, my torture master massage therapist.

"I must break you...."

“I must break you….”

Followed by a mind-numbing conversation with my chiropractor super hero about Obamacare, (like I have the intellectual ability to have a conversation about THAT), while getting zapped by his high-tech, super hero light sword.

It's all Tatooine gibberish to me.

It’s all Tatooine gibberish to me.

And moving on to a pool workout in water that’s starting to hit, shall we say, FREEZING, followed by my nightly love/hate quality time with my foam roller.


By the time I FINALLY made it home, I walked in the door to see THIS GUY waiting for me.  Doing the hula!

"In summmmeeeeerrrrrrrr!"

“In summerrrrrrrr!”

Which put me in the perfect mood to pack for THIS.

Just get me to the pierogies. Now.

Just get me to the pierogies.

So thanks to my absolute superior lack of time management skills, you get to be regaled with a photo journey through a typical Black Dog night.  Which ended up looking not much unlike THIS.

Zzzzzz. Zzzzzz. Zzzzzzz.

Zzzzzz. Zzzzzz. Zzzzzzz.


Enjoy the ride.

Ever find your day running away from you?  How do keep up?  Or do you?  What is your favorite booth at the Food and Wine Festival?

Too Big For The Britches?

This poser has popped into my dollar-machine driven cranium on more than a few occasions now.  Let me tell you why.  While it’s got to be pretty awesome-sauce to hit rock star status in blogoland, could it also sometimes be one big fat PITA???


Owwww! Really, you little brat?!?

Bear with me a second.    The reason I ask is this – and PLEASE, feel free to chime in here with your own thoughts on the subject.  I probably have maybe 15-20 blogs I visit just about daily.  Some writers post something every day while others only once a week.  Sometimes I’ll skip it for a day if the subject doesn’t really catch my attention while other days I wish he/she had just kept it coming.  What’s prompted my query is purely personal in nature.  I LOVE when readers take the time to leave a comment on what they’ve read whether it be good, bad, or indifferent.  Actually, I’ve been pretty darn lucky and don’t think anyone has ever written anything rude.  So….thanks for that!



As many bloggerers have done, (I think), we started this literary trip to either hold ourselves accountable (food and/or fitness-wise), or in my case, to (temporarily at least), relieve some of the tornadic activity constantly flying around in my skull.  Every so often I need a break just long enough to tie my running shoes, ya know?



So here’s my question: does there come a time when your blog fandom gets TOO big?  Are you able keep up when you hit Bon Jovi status?  Do you even try to at that point?  My take from the little shallow end of the pool is this:  some of my absolute fave blogs typically have anywhere between 30-50 comments by the time I get to them after receiving an email that a new post has been published 30-50! Say what??!!  TOTAL WOWZA.  BUT…how do you respond to each and every one of those commenters (?)  Do you?  When I see that many previous comments, sadly, I don’t even bother.  Really now, who’s going to pay attention to what little ole Black Dog has to say?

shoulder shrug

I dunno.

Now I have one blog that I occasionally visit which consistently has over 100 comments posted. Over 100.  Holy cow manure Bessie!  But seeing that many comments keeps me from bothering to add to the list.  And seeing the author has only responded to maybe five or six, really keeps me from, well, basically wasting my time.  And that is kind of sad if you think about it.

I'm so sad.

I’m so sad.

So I’m going to throw this out into the blogosphere and see what inevitably hits me in the back of the head.  Do you think they’re such a thing as a blog that’s “too big”?  Do you prefer interacting with bloggers who respond to you every time you comment on a post, or do you just say what you have to say and move on?  Who are some your favorite bloggers?  Are they very responsive or do you find yourself not commenting due to the amount of those who already have?

I could go on and on about this subject, but I will spare you the additional brainus vomitus, but I really am interested in hearing your thoughts on the subject.  And I promise to answer every one of you.  Unless you’re mean.  Then I’ll just go to my room, slam the door, and cry.  To my dog.

puppy love

Yeah, that’d be me. Please don’t be mean.

 Enjoy the ride.

Okay my friends, let’s hear it.  Do you think a blog can get too big?

You Like Me! You Really Like Me! Again!

I received an awesome-sauce surprise a couple of weeks ago from a fellow I-live-in-inhuman-like-heat-and-I-almost-well-pretty-much-love-it blend named Helly.  She writes a great little blog aptly named Helly On The Run.  And much to my surprise, she found this particular little corner of the interweb….wait for it…..INSPIRING!  Now be assured, no exchange of cash, bribery, or promises of Princess Lisa’s Bailey’s Buttercream cupcakes, has taken place.  A common love of traveling – especially to Italy – may have been the beginning of a beautiful blendship.



Whatever the reason may have been for dragging Helly kicking and screaming to Black Dog Runs Disney, (oh crap, did I say that out loud?), I’m sending her a big, wet, sloppy Calypso kiss for the nomination.  So here goes.



So let’s get to the good stuff.  First of all, the good part.

Whoo hoo!

Whoo hoo!

Now for the rules – ’cause we all know how much I LOVE rules (teeheehee…):

Rule One – thank and link to the person who nominated you – check!

Rule Two – list the rules and display award – checkcheck

Rule Three – share seven facts about yourself – oh boy, this could get ugly

Rule Four – nominate 15 other awesome-sauce bloggers and let them know they’ve been nominated.  I’m going to “adjust” this one just a little bit and nominate the blogs that make me laugh the most – because that’s the whole point of living isn’t it?  That and Moose Tracks Ice Cream. (like how I ALWAYS find some way to work that in?)

So here’s some little known facts about me…

7 facts

More than you ever wanted know huh?  Especially the Sponge Bobs.  There’s an image you won’t ever be able to get out of your head.

Now for just some of my fave blends! (There’s just so many, I can’t list them all…oh the humanity!)

blog list

Back yet?  Didn’t I tell ya these bloggers rocked?  Black Dog would never steer you wrong, especially when it comes to blogs and ice cream.  Never.  I take that stuff seriously.


Enjoy the ride.

What are some of your favorite blogs?  Do they make you laugh?  Do I make you laugh?  If not, just think of the Sponge Bobs.  Or go get some for yourself.  I’ll even buy you a pair.  I’m nice like that.

It’s That Time Again! #Chewsdays and Accountabilibuddies

In case you missed part one  and part two  of our ongoing #Chewsday Challenge, go ahead and check them out.  Go.  Now.  Hurry up.  We’re waiting.

Does anyone else hear the Jeopardy theme music playing?

Does anyone else hear the Jeopardy theme music playing?

I’m happy to say that not only have we harangued welcomed 2 more victims blends into our fold, (welcome Kellie and Nicole!)I think we’ve actually been doing pretty well as far checking in with each other and keeping the healthy train on the tracks.  Well, mostly.  Everyone’s entitled to a few minor derailments every so often.

hungry horse

Remember those pants I was complaining about a month ago?  It’s just a tiny bit, but yeah – they’re looser!  Can I get a big Black Dog whoo hoo?!  Technically, it may only be a smidge looser, but I’ll take what I can get.  Plus, with our weekly challenges of drinking plenty of water, no fried foods, and incorporating fruit and veggies into every meal, it’s making our journey into Healthy Land just a little bit easier.  Of course, we’re also masters at this:

We can rationalize anything.  ANYTHING.

We can rationalize anything. ANYTHING.

I think we can all agree though that this has been a fun trip with plenty of side roads into Twitter crazy land.  On any given day Kellie is rationalizing the veggies in cream cheese counting as a vegetable serving, Lisa taunting us with promises of Mars Bars Chocolate Cookie thingies, Rae torturing us with gorgeous beach pics, or Nicole making us laugh so hard with her snarkiness that we almost mess our drawers.  What more can a girl ask for?  Oh wait I know – get everyone (almost) to sign up for another Disney race AND start thinking about flying all over the continental United States for another half marathon.  I can so see where this accountabilibuddy relationship is going…



So if you’re looking for a bunch of silly chicas who keep each other in line (mostly), and have a great time doing it, then come join us.  We’d love to suck you in welcome you to the cool kids club.  Really.  We would.  Right ladies?  There’s just one entrance question: do you consider cupcakes to be a food group?  All rationalizations welcome.

Like I said....

Like I said….

Enjoy the ride.

Want to join the #Chewsday Chicas?  Follow us on Twitter!






Black Dog Has Gone Facebook!

Can you believe it?!?  This super techno-challenged bloggeridiot finally figured out how to create a Facebook page for this wondrous little piece of literary geniusness!  Thanks to Kathryn over at From Dancing to Running - who seems to be doubling as my bloggerworld instructor (must be that whole teacher thing), I’ve figured out how to set up a blog FB page as well as assault you all with multiple Tweets about aforementioned published literary geniusness-ness (?).


It actually sat there for a while unbeknownst to everyone but my aunt and one faithful follower (thanks Lisa!).  Oh wait, what’s this cute little button over here?  Invite friends?!  Say it isn’t so! (said in overly-dramatic voice).  And overnight my little brain vomiting corner of the internet became an internet sensation!  Okay, maybe not, but it sure sounded good…

Since I can’t figure out how to post a picture of my page – ugly non techno-geek moment here – you’ll just have to sail the social media seas and float on over to check it out here.  I promise, you will be entertained with silly dog pics, Miami Heat pics, more silly dog pics, motivational fitness stuff, silly dog pics, and the best…links back here to my weekly works of literary geniusnesses(?!).  Excited aren’t ya?  It’s okay, you can be excited.  Calypso is!


So make like the Wonder Mutt when I open the gate to the lake and jump on over to our Facebook page.  Hit like if you want.  At the very least it’ll make us feel loved.  A little.  Go.  Now.  Go.  You can get free money once you get there.  Okay, maybe not but it sounded good didn’t it?


Enjoy the ride. On Facebook!

(like what I did there? Did ya? Didyadidyadidyadidyadidya??)

Has your readership increased thanks to Facebook?  Any tips on growing your blog for this non techno-geek?